Branding · Corporate Design, Brand Development

At both, its Shanghai location and the headquarters of the agency in Munich, Germany, INCREON understands itself to be a leading agency for branding and international business-to-business brand communication.

That companies brand products is not new. In all highly advanced civilizations, branding serves to build trust through a distinctive appearance and design. Thus, branding is a typical manifestation in all developed economic systems. Uniform naming and brand design become the focus of corporate interest. Today, a consistent identity and sustainable branding are more important than ever in the global economy to effectively reach ever more mobile customers. Increased competition, which frequently leads to mergers and corporate takeovers, demands more and more branding decisions.

Should existing brands be retained or brought together, or should a new brand be developed? Behind the strategically best possible decision is always the desire to effectively combine marketing investments and marketing expenditures over the long term. Consistent brand development and sustainable brand management creates the foundation for communication standards in design, language, and behavior, and increases the efficiency of designing and implementing marketing measures. This is true simply because the basics are defined.

As an agency, we have specialized in strategic branding, sustainable brand management, and the consistent implementation of brand and marketing communication.

We support you from brand analysis, strategic orientation of the brand and its positioning, and the development of logos and holistic brand designs for offline and online communication through implementation in the company and right up to carrying out communication measures and measuring success.

In short: Memorable, consistent branding of the company and its products is what determines success today. We always apply our branding experience in communication in B2B and industrial markets to lend our clients’ companies and their products and services a unique, sales-relevant image.

Important elements of integrated branding include:

  • Positioning

  • the brand name

  • the visual presentation in the form of colors, logo, typeface, and image style
  • the design of the communication