The world is becoming smaller and smaller; markets are growing together internationally. More and more German-speaking and European companies are coming to the realization that above all, China is an important market for small and medium-sized companies. This trend places demands on the names of companies and products. Do the names of global brands also work in China? Do they therefore contribute to the strength of the entire brand, to the recognition of the brand image, for reciprocal referral in the society and to customer loyalty?

As a naming agency, INCREON is concerned with this task every day. For every naming project, there is a fundamental statement — whether the project is about a regional, national, or international name for a company or products. The name is always the long-lasting foundation of the brand. The more solid the basis, the more stable the long-term and successful brand development.

Naming in China

In China, which has a writing system with over 5,000 usual characters, it is necessary to have an extensive knowledge of the language for successful naming. For every project, we break down the connections between linguistics and culture, apply this knowledge to the transliteration or transcription, and continuously evaluate the results in an ongoing process. This is how we can ensure that the recipient understands what the sender wishes to express. This sustainable naming process is possible through the fact that on every project, German, English, and Chinese native speakers from our multicultural team work together — close to the customer in Germany, Europe, and China.

Call a spade a spade.

Names are a fundamental part of our communication. Naming “things” has practical reasons — it helps us to identify and classify things, and to name others clearly. In addition, we connect names with thoughts, memories, and emotions. The functions of a name go well beyond those of just a descriptive level. This holistic view is a part of the naming process at INCREON.