Online — Custom Digital Solutions for Your Business in China

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life and has become the first choice for most people when it comes to obtaining information quickly. The trend toward ever greater involvement of the digital in everyday life is unbroken.

If you look towards China, it becomes clear how strongly this trend is developing. China accounts for 20 percent of the 2.9 billion Internet users worldwide. In China, the digital presence plays an even greater role than in Western countries. The constant availability of web content and social and business networking make it important for companies to be online and reach their customers via digital channels.

Mobile applications in particular play an important role in daily life and determine social and consumer behaviour. Of special importance is the app WeChat, with which various tasks in the private and business sector can be carried out directly from a smartphone. The rapid rise of the Internet in China underlines the high potential to increase your brand awareness through digital channels and to actively enter into dialogue with potential customers and other relevant target groups.

Giving your company a strong digital identity is the goal of the INCREON Digital Branding Process. This process includes all relevant steps — from analysis and conceptual design to implementation and ongoing monitoring. What is equally true in Germany is that you can optimise processes through greater networking. The digitalisation of your business relations, from procurement to sales, makes you faster, and you can respond more specifically to the wishes of your customers, better control your sales, and bind your customers permanently through an increased level of service.

INCREON considers itself to be one of the specialized online agencies for industrial marketing communication directly onsite in China. Through our many years of experience in the Chinese market, we offer you the optimal interweaving of all relevant disciplines.

  • WeChat
    WeChat is not only the most important social media app in China, but is also becoming increasingly important in building a strong B2B brand in China. We support you in strategic planning and the development of an optimal social media strategy for the Chinese market.
  • Web conceptual design
    To be successful, online marketing strategies have to correspond to the needs of the market and the target group. To define this for your business, we analyse target group, markets, and performance and provide you with concrete recommendations for action for your online presence in China.
  • Web development
    The Internet can be used in a variety of ways, some of which need complex web applications. We are specialized in web application for China. We know the special requirements that are valid in the Internet here. Whether this having your website in multiple languages or complete hosting of website — benefit from our experience in China since 2004.
  • Web design
    Whether you wish to adapt a German website to the Chinese market or build a completely new website, we support you in building up an optimal website for the Chinese market.
  • Web content management
    In addition to the structure of the website, the maintenance of the website’s content and maintenance of the content management system is another factor. We offer a wide range of content management services, from a complete maintenance contract to seminars and training courses for your staff members.
  • SEO and content marketing
    Having a website is one thing. Making the website known and being found is the other. Here, too, there are some differences to Germany and Europe to the Chinese web, in which we have specialized.