Web Conceptual Design

Every painting needs a sketch; every house needs an architectural draft. So, too, structures in the Internet need to be designed conceptually from the beginning and are subject to an analysis of the current state.

First the status quo

The process always begins with an analysis of the current situation; that is, of the current performance and possible improvements. This concerns the current digital activity in the company (website, social media, content, search engine ranking, etc.) and the collected experiences. Subsequently, the relevant environment is viewed, target groups are defined, and the channels which will be used for your digital branding are determined.

Create strategic general conditions

Looking holistically at the customer journey enables recognizing and developing touchpoints so that you come into a dialogue with prospective customers as early as possible. How you create leads and conversions through attractive content relative to the target group is a further part of the work on the concept. Increase your reach through cross-linking the various channels.

Digital branding in China

In China, the role of content marketing through social networks such as through Weibo or WeChat plays an important role. Through storytelling oriented to the target group, you reach the attention of potential customers and partners. Benefit from our many years of experience in conducting strategic planning with a view to the desired results.

In China, things do not always go as you are used to from your market back home. Processes are often more dynamic, but also less structured. Deadlines often serve as purely placeholders for orientation. INCREON creates clear guidelines that can be used equally for conceptual design processes in Germany and China. This means that as our customer, you can be sure of being able to implement your goals and your success in time and in budget independent of location.