Trade Fair Participation

Aiding companies with exhibiting at trade fairs in China has been one of our core competencies for several years.

Rapid economic growth in China has led to an increased importance of the exhibition industry — China is now the place to be for trade fairs in Asia. Trade shows and fairs are crucial for acquiring new contacts, getting to know competitors and partners within the industry, and generating leads for new business opportunities.

As with all social contacts — first impressions count. It is therefore crucial that your booth stands out and you separate yourself from the competition. Visitors should feel invited to get to know you and your company. This is not an easy task, especially when you are organizing your trade fair exhibit from far away.

We are proud to support you during the entire trade fair construction process, which includes all preparatory work, support and supervision on-site, as well as the follow-up. But not only that — our multilingual team helps you to efficiently coordinate all processes, as we can communicate in German, Chinese, and English.

Preparing for a trade fair takes time

While a fair takes place, you can book your stand for the next year. This is also the reason why planning processes of a trade fair usually start one year in advance. In this phase, close contact to the fair organizer is crucial to ensure that you book a space that maximises your visibility. Already at this stage you need to shape what your stand will look like in the following year:

Should it have a second floor? How large should it be in terms of the number of square meters? How many visuals do you want to use?

As soon as the stand is booked, all preparatory work has to start. At INCREON we develop a tailored branding and marketing concept which fits both international and local requirements. Some content cannot be simply duplicated for fairs in Asia as cultural, behavioural, and social differences need to be taken into consideration.

In the preparatory phase, we develop informative material which let your clients know about your presence at the trade fair. We also advise you on in which other online and offline media formats and channels you should be visible. Afterwards, save-the-date notifications should be send out as well as an invitation to make sure that both established and potential clients are made aware of your participation.

There are plenty of tasks which need to be decided on and organized months in advance. These include researching and purchasing branded promotional gifts, preparing content for presentations which might take place during the trade fair, and deciding on a booth builder with whom you want to work. Parallel to these actions, the exhibition stand concept needs to be developed. This can be quite time-consuming, as the design of the walls needs to be planned and decided upon. At this stage, it is again crucial to think about local and regional requirements because the design, lighting, and general construction of the exhibition stand are often different from their counterparts in Europe.

Consequently, in the next step, our team of designers and project managers create the entire look of your stand. We provide you with an A-to-Z concept ranging from the design of the booth walls to the furniture and catering options. In this creation phase, we work very closely with the booth builder who will be responsible for the setup.

We additionally offer on-site support during the trade fair. Full-support coverage proves to be highly effective in the case of unexpected situations or sudden problems, which as we all know will likely occur. Clients often face challenges related to regulatory changes on short notice or simply have to deal efficiently with sudden adaptations to their booths.

Work doesn’t stop once the trade fair is finished; proper follow-up is crucial to the sustained success of your having exhibited. Contact needs to be established with generated leads. This can be achieved by setting up a prompt digital direct marketing campaign, building on the new connections and additionally informing about your company’s product portfolio. Publishing a press release and publishing articles on your media channels round off an effective 360-degree presence at the trade fair.

As a full service agency, we support you in this entire process

The following list gives you a detailed overview of our services and how we intend to make your presence at the fair a complete success:

  • Creation of the overall trade fair concept
  • Preparatory work:

    •  Touch base with the fair organizer and initiate the organizational process
    • Design and send out save-the-date cards and invitations
    • Manage your address database
    • Plan and conduct direct marketing campaigns: email marketing
    • Offline: create advertisements and make recommendations for print media
    • Online: place advertisements in social media platforms and other digital media
    • Measure performance
    • Research and design branded giveaways
  • Design of all exhibition walls
  • Selection of all furniture needed for the booth
  • Adjustments of light and sound
  • Management of all arrangements with the booth builder
  • Creation of advertising material:

    • Evaluation of current marketing material and, where applicable, adaptation to local requirements
    • Articles for online and offline media
    • Banners
    • Sponsoring packages
    • Corporate videos
  • Organization of interviews with the press
  • Additional services: selection of hostesses, catering, translation services