Simple things can become a significant challenge when your headquarters are located far away from their subsidiaries. Finding the right service provider can then turn into a lengthy and costly problem. Hence, plenty of companies struggle to find adequate professional help to assist with translations, proofreading, and context setting.

These are just a few challenges you might encounter; it goes without saying that a trusted partner is crucial when dealing with a language you don’t fully understand yourself. In our office, we work with professionals who are fluent in all three languages — Chinese, German and English.

After evaluating your content, we will translate all collateral you need: From your website to image brochures or flyers — we’ve got you covered for all different kinds of marketing materials. This also includes presentations, digital content, or providing you with a translation of the voice-over of your latest corporate video. For these measures, it is crucial to pay close attention to local customs and to analyse your collateral in light of cultural specifications and expectations.
Your slogan, product description, or advertisement campaign is successful and highly valued in your home market? Great, but this content might not be suitable for use in an Asian business environment.
Content might be king, but context matters.

Our longstanding experience in this field of work enables us to advise you strategically and properly adapt translations. Naturally, we communicate between all partners and relevant stakeholders in all mentioned languages during the whole process.